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Practicing Yoga

Lilly's Pad Yoga & Meditation 

Lilly's Pad Yoga offers a range of personalized yoga and meditation experiences tailored to your needs.


Whether you prefer private sessions, online classes, or group gatherings in your space, our space, or outdoors, we provide flexible options to accommodate your lifestyle.

Enhance your post-yoga relaxation with our sound therapy utilizing crystal bowl and harp, gong, chimes and various instruments designed to deepen your shavasana experience or provide soothing music therapy independent sessions. Discover the healing benefits of sound therapy as we balance your chakra system and invigorate your aura.

Join us for our meditation sessions where we explore various meditation styles incorporating breathwork, sound therapy, guided and silent meditation practices.

Elevate your celebrations with our unique yoga parties, offering a refreshing alternative to conventional gatherings. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, bridal/baby showers, or corporate team-building events, our customized yoga and meditation sessions add a health-conscious twist to any occasion.

Looking for a personalized experience? We can create specialized packages tailored to your preferences. Simply let us know how we can assist you.

Please check out all of our services at the Book Online link, download our app by using the following link or sign up to be on our mailing list and follow us on social media to keep informed and up to date for any upcoming events and classes ~ Namaste        

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Mind, Body & Soul Connection

Active Senior Couple
Gyan Mudra
Hands Touching
Kundalini Yoga Meditation
Beach Meditation
Aerial Yoga with Teacher
Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose
Working Out at Home
People stretching on mats
Person holding a yoga pose
Yoga Class for all Ages
Older woman in lotus pose by the sea
Warrior Pose
Elderly Woman at Gym
Senior Yoga Class
Stretching Class
Meditation Class
Maternity Yoga with Computer and Mat
Meditating in Nature
Child's Pose
Upward Facing Dog
Sun Salutation at Home
SUP Yoga Meditation Om
Children in Yoga Class
Senior Couple Meditating
Yoga Class
Practicing Yoga
Active Senior Couple

"Inhale serenity, exhale tranquility.  Yoga and Meditation: the breaths that connect us to our inner peace"

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Dazzling Light

Enhancing Adornments

Healing Jewelry

Healing custom made jewelry hand crafted by a local artist.  Please view the website for information regarding products and pricing. 

Holm Astrology

Professional Guidance and Life Counselor

Peter Holm is an Astrologer, a teacher of Astrology, an intuitive card reader, a life counselor, a Reiki Master, a Practitioner of automatic writing and certainly a lover of life.  For more information about services Peter provides, please visit his website

Empowering Lives

Happy Jack Yoga is a lifestyle, a transformational process and a revolutionary system of yoga. Through our world-class yoga retreats, teacher training programs and online yoga and meditation classes, we cultivate connection between yogis around the world.

Enhancing Perceptions


Hypnosis is a tool to bring you to a relaxed and open state of suggestion where you can focus on breaking bad habits such as smoking and over eating.  The benefits of Hypnosis are endless, from reducing anxiety, reducing pain, improving sleep, treating phobias, overcoming depression, improving memory and the list goes on.  Hypnosis actually enables us to have more control over our feelings, reactions and focus.

Education and Special Training

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Midland Ontario L4R 3N3

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